Pressure testing an aluminum cylinder head. Since aluminum is non magnetic, it requires pressure testing to check for cracks.

Surfacing 24 valve six cylinder industrial cylinder head.

Grinding valve seats on a flat head block.

Installing a cylinder sleeve on a 3126 Caterpiller block.

Installing four cylinder sleeves in a Deutz block.

Align boring a six cylinder industrial block in our Tobin Arp align boring machine.

Align boring center main of six cylinder industrial block (note: all caps are sand blasted to ensure proper fit)

Honing a four cylinder industrial block.

Reboring large two-cylinder John Deere.

Cleaning a large industrial block.

Boring block for in-frame sleeve installation on 3116 Caterpillar.

Torque plate honing block after in-fram sleeve installation.

Installing sleeve in-frame.

Note the vacuum attachment.

Miking a six cylinder Cummins crankshaft to ensure proper diameter.

Checking a crankshaft for cracks with blacklight crack detection system.

Reconditioning connecting rods on Sunnen Hone.

Resurfacing a 6-cyl exhaust manifold.

Honing a large truck spindle.

Removing broken motor mount bolts from an assembled industrial engine with our Bridgeport milling machine.

Reboring a worn out industrial forklift spindle.

Rebushing a straight front axle on our Bridgeport milling machine.

Pressing a large gear. We do all types of press work, including installing large gears and pulleys.

Boring two cylinder John Deere block with our Rottler boring bar.

Valve seat after three angle valve job has been performed.

Align boring poured babbit main bearings in a Maybach HL 42 six cylinder German halftack engine.

Cleaning V10 Viper block in our AXE aluminum cleaning spray washer

Rebushing center of large step flywheel

Reboring large two-cylinder John Deere.

Dialing counter bore on industrial block.