We fabricate a wide variety of custom made and antique parts.

Making a custom bushing on our lathe.

Rebushing a straight front axle on our Bridgeport milling machine.

Pressing a large gear. We do all types of press work, including installing large gears and pulleys.

Grinding a custom shaft on our Schledum grinder.

Resurfacing a six-cylinder exhaust manifold.

Repairing hydraulic pump housing bore.

Reboring a worn out industrial forklift spindle.

Retro fitting late model Chevrolet cam shaft to fit earl model 265 Chevrolet.

Resurfacing a 6-cyl exhaust manifold.

Milling an oversized Mercedes thrust bearing to fit a standard crankshaft.

Honing a large truck spindle.

Boring antique transmission housing for custom repair bushings.

Removing broken motor mount bolts from an assembled industrial engine with our Bridgeport milling machine.