.Installing four cylinder sleeves in a Deutz block.

Installing a cylinder sleeve on a 3126 Caterpiller block

Cleaning V10 Viper block in our AXE aluminum cleaning spray washer.

V10 Viper block after cleaning and honing operations have been performed.

Align boring a six cylinder industrial block in our Tobin Arp align boring machine.

Align boring center main of six cylinder industrial block (note: all caps are sand blasted to ensure proper fit).

Cleaning a V8 cylinder block.

Installing a sleeve in a six cylinder Caterpillar block with the crankshaft still installed. (note attached ShopVac that removes cuttings from engines during the operation).

Boring a big block Chevrolet. We also torque plate bore blocks.

Surfacing a big block Chevrolet. We can square deck or zero deck any block.

Grinding valve seats on a flat head block.

We also install hardened seats and guides in flat head blocks.

Honing a four cylinder industrial block.

Honing 3116 Caterpillar block with torque plates.

Removing sleeve from V8 Lexus.

V8 Lexus block after sleeve removal.

Boring block for in-frame sleeve installation on 3116 Caterpillar.

Note the vacuum attachment.

Installing sleeve in-frame.

Torque plate honing block after in-fram sleeve installation.

Cleaning a large industrial block.