Machinist miking a two cylinder John Deere piston prior to boring to ensure proper clearance.

Boring two cylinder John Deere block with our Rottler boring bar.

Cutting a three angle valve seat with our Serdi valve seater.

Valve seat after three angle valve job has been performed.

Align boring poured babbit main bearings in a Maybach HL 42 six cylinder German halftack engine.

Refurbished connecting rods on a 1918 Hupmobile.

Completed flat-head V8 Ford block

Completed flat-head V8 Ford engine.

Repaired flange on a John Deere block.

This job is part of the U.S. Army Patton Museum's restoration of an SdKfz 251/9 German halftrack at Fort Knox, KY.

Boring antique transmission housing for custom repair bushings